Make It Seven

BIG news coming out of WES 2009 last night (thanks to everyone who stopped me in person and relayed the news!) had NOTHING to do with BlackBerry smartphones, but rather, hockey! RIM's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie put in an offer to buy the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes on condition of being able to relocate them to Southern Ontario. Of course I'd personally rather see the team hit Winnipeg (BRING BACK THE JETS!!!) but either way a new Canadian team would be cool and we all know Jim wants a hockey team bad.

The best thing us BlackBerry users can do is help make it happen. Think about it... it'll cost him a ton of money, so he'll need to make some more money, which will in turn kick things into overdrive even moreso at RIM which will just lead to more bigger and better products for us, the consumers (it's a theory anyways...maybe not a good one). 

To help promote the bid to make this Canada's seventh NHL Franchise, they've set up If you want to support the cause, go sign up! Oh, and if it can't be the Jets, I vote the team should be called the "CrackBerrys". Who's with me? :p