Jim Balsillie

BlackBerry's ex co-CEO Jim Balsillie has sold off his remaining stock in BlackBerry. Last march, his stake was valued at $385 million, though it might be worth less now. 

BlackBerry's stock price took a slight dip after the news surfaced, but all in all, this could very easily be a good thing. Without any material say in what goes on in the company, BlackBerry is free to continue its journey unfettered by old management

On the other side of the coin, you have Mike Lazaridis, who still seems very active in the company and even made an appearance during the BlackBerry 10 launch. Would you guys rather Laziridis stay active in the company as a shareholder, or does BlackBerry need a clean slate?

Former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie now totally disconnected from BlackBerry 

Source: Yahoo!Seeking Alpha