Jim Balsillie

On Monday it was announced that RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie will be joining the United Nations Secretary-General's 21 member panel regarding Global Sustainability. The members include high-ranking government officials and civil society representatives from developing and developed countries.

"I am pleased to help this esteemed group develop new ideas for prosperity in a low-carbon world," Balsillie said on Monday. "This is a critically important initiative for all countries, and integrates perfectly with the work CIGI is undertaking to address the international governance challenges of climate change."

He will be the only Canadian on the panel, as well as the only private sector representative. Mr. Basillie is also the CIGI's (The Centre for International Governance Innovation) chair; which he founded in 2002. For more information on CIGI, head over to www.cigionline.org

The purpose of this panel is to discover a "new vision" when it comes to sustainable growth. With the accelerated rate of changes in the climate in mind, this vision will tackle issues that include poverty, discover and maintain workable consumption/production levels and achieving a greener economy. A report from the panel is expected to be made by December 2011.

I wonder if the panel will receive BlackBerrys to aid them in their research?