BlackBerry Outage or Outrage?

RIM has no doubt had a rough year but it wasn't rough enough the 200 people polled to vote them as the worst tech CEO's of 2011. That dubious glory has been handed to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings after single handedly increasing subscription prices and irritating customers further by starting an initiative to split up Netflix's DVD-by-mail and subscription services. Reed Hastings took 58% of the votes while Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis took 19% of the vote but we, of course are curious how BlackBerry owners feel about the votes.

Sure, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have taken some missteps along the way but it's always easy to be an armchair critic and say how things should be run from afar. Are the missteps RIM had this year enough to have them ousted from the company they built -- remember, RIM has had a great run for the past 10 years and 2011 is just one year, one that was noted on many occasion by those in charge that it would be a year of transition and the road ahead would indeed be a bumpy one.

Source: The Street