Jessica Simpson gets the Curve

TGIF! And since it is Friday, that means it's time for a Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting! Big news this week too -- it looks like everyone's my CrackBerry Sighting favorite Jessica Simpson has traded in her BlackBerry 8700 in favor of a new BlackBerry Curve (with skin). Jessica wins the BlackBerry 8700 Celeb Loyalty Award though as I'm pretty sure she has to be one of the last Hollywood celebs to have upgraded. I wonder how she's found the transition from the 8700 to the Curve?

I remember my transition to the Curve from the 8700 (I never used the Pearl or 8800 in between), and the first few days weren't without hiccup. I missed my trackwheel and I missed the bricky weight/density of the 8700. Wow - I just dug up the forum post I made with my BlackBerry Curve Initial Impressions. Crazy - it feels like I have had it FOREVER, but in reality I have only had it since June 6, 2007 - 9 months and a day! It feels like a decade ago.

Just to pay final respects to Jessica's trusty old 8700, I'll post my two favorite Jessica 8700 sightings after the jump. Have a great weekend everyone!

CrackBerry Jessica

CrackBerry Jessica

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