Snooki CrackBerry

This week Snooki of 'Jersey Shore' fame made yet another bad decision as she posted her PIN on Twitter. Word on the street is that it was an accident, but her BlackBerry apparently "blew up" as loads of her 310,000+ followers sent her BBM requests. She promptly ditched her old BlackBerry and grabbed a new device (maybe she upgrades from the Tour to the Bold?) but I'd love to know just how many requests she got before the swap. While it was kind of an impromtu BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test, it's something that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. As Kevin has proven in the past, relentless BBM requests can kill your device, and I'm sure poor Snooki had a fit as the requests came pouring in. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Source: TMZ

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