It's been a while since I came across a free game from the Snap store that I felt compelled to share. That changed the other day when I downloaded Jelly Jump onto my BlackBerry Z30 as it's one of those games that's great to have on your device for when you have a short time to kill, whether that be on the train/bus or just when you have nothing better to do.

The game revolves you controlling a square of jelly and you are tasked with moving it up the screen by jumping onto the platforms that appear. One handed use is a breeze as there's only one control and that's a simple screen tap. Where things get a little tricky is that the platforms appear at different speeds, so if you misjudge it and don't jump through the closing gap, it will be game over.

The purpose of the game is just to get as far as you can and as you'll see in the video it can be a little tricky. I'm proud to say that since shooting the video clip I've beaten that highest score, so I'm not quite as terrible at it as I portray!

With Jelly Jump not costing a penny why not give it a try and post your highest score in the comments?

If you've not got Snap on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you can get full instructions with the following link:

How to use Snap to install Android apps on BlackBerry 10