Although his hiring went quietly unnoticed for a while, Jeffrey Ait actually joined BlackBerry approximately three months ago and took position as VP and Head of the U.S. Public Sector from Good Technology, where he served as Director of the Public Sector. As part of a Q&A session with the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog, Ait has now shared a little more info about what his position entails, why he joined BlackBerry and his thoughts on Government Mobility.

I joined BlackBerry because I know what the government is looking for when it comes to mobility, and BlackBerry is best-in-class when it comes to mobile technology. I saw that the U.S. federal government is an extremely important customer for BlackBerry and I felt that with my experience in mobile and the company's experience with knowing where government is headed, it would be a good fit.

Second, I was starting to see government put more and more focus on trying to shift to a more native, user-friendly device experience but still needing security that meets regulatory requirements. BlackBerry is the only company that provides a complete offering with end-to-end security and low total cost of ownership, supported by a strong footprint within the federal government.

As highlighted in the interview, Ait works out of the Washington, D.C. office and his main focus area is the federal government, where BlackBerry has a unique opportunity with Department of Defense (DoD), now that the BlackBerry 10 platform is the only mobility solution that has earned Full Operational Capability to run on their networks.

The Q&A section is a great read and highlights something that I was quite glad to read is also part of Ait's focus 'We want to build our brand, create awareness and tell the BlackBerry story. Many customers don't know what our new story is and we want make sure they know about today's BlackBerry and everything that BlackBerry 10 offers, from devices to apps and messaging to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).' Yes! Spread the word, because BlackBerry 10 isn't BlackBerry OS and it has changed. The more people who learn that, the better!

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