Jawbone Battery Meter BlackBerry

*Update: Sadly looks like this may only be for the Jawbone ICON but hopefully will be out for other models somewhere down the road *

Jawbone headsets are one of the best selling for BlackBerry and for good reason. They are stylish and well built and offer simple features that any BlackBerry user needs. One of the big drawbacks for a long time however was the lack of a battery meter. There was really no way to know when you're device needed a charge, so you pretty much had to wing it when you felt it was dying. Well now you can rest easy with the new Jawbone Battery Meter app for BlackBerry. The small app installs on your device and gives you the battery status of your Jawbone headset via a notification icon. A very cool utility that should be a welcome addition to any Jawbone user. The app is totally free, but you'll have to sign up for MyTalk at Jawbone to get your hands on it. Thanks Julian!

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