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Applications. They come and they go -- some remain in the daily use category and others go to the instant removal category. This year I have discovered quite a few different applications, and put them to use in different ways, but hit the break with me to find out what five applications I can't live without on my BlackBerry device.

Twitter for BlackBerry

Twitter for BB

I enjoy using Twitter, it provides a great way to interact with friends from all over, in near real time, but finding a mobile client that offers the best experience is difficult. Some lack some features, others lack others, but I find a pretty happy mix with the newer versions of Twitter for BlackBerry. With the recent UI overhaul, and the addition of push notifications it allows me to keep up in real time and in style. While it could still definitely use some additional features it meets my needs, and that is what is important.

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I love my BlackBerry Bold 9930 but I was not a huge fan when I found out that it only had one convenience key, but then I realized I could make use of the rest of the buttons with one simple application. SixTools allows me to set the media keys on the side as convenience keys, giving me four instead of one. Beyond that it also allows for the BlackBerry start-up video to play each time, gives the option to have a battery meter in the notification area, and also has a built in option for screen shots. I like when one application kills the need to have multiple applications installed, and this does just that, and very well.

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It's not often that I really care about the weather, but sometimes I do like to know what the temperature is, or whether to expect rain or snow, and BerryWeather does just that. I like the ability to customize things, change icons, font sizes, really make it my own and many applications lack that ability. Being able to see the upcoming forcast, the current conditions, be alerted via push of advisories in my area makes the application fit my needs very well.

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Music is one of my favorite things, and I don't really care for taking up space on my memory card with various artists that I like to listen to. Pandora allows me to take my favorite channels from the computer and bring them on the go with me. Sure, it's not like listening from start to finish of an album, but most of the time I enjoy the mix instead.

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CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Changer

The one thing I seem to have the most trouble deciding on when using any device is the wallpaper to use, my mood seems to always change and I can never pick one to last more than a week. After checking out the CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer I loved that it would automatically switch up my wallpaper for me, so I made a folder on the SD card, loaded it up with some of my favorites, set the rotation time frame and just sat back. No more needing to manually change them, no need to get bored, and if I wanted to introduce some new ones in the mix I just selected some categories right from within the application and I was all set again!

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