BlackBerry App World Japan

This came in a little while ago. Straight from Twitter, a user had Tweeted an image of BlackBerry App World displaying paid applications with yen as the currency. Accompanying the image was some text in Japanese, which I were able to translate to “Once BlackBerry App World is updated, the amount of money (for paid applications) is shown in yen. Is Japan now fully compatible?” It has been a while since my Japanese studies though; someone please correct me if I got anything wrong!

Japan saw the introduction of App World back in June with support for free applications only. It seems that now, however, full support is being rolled out with the ability to shop for paid applications as well. Indeed, I was able to confirm this by asking Alex Kinsella, product manager of App World via Twitter, who replied with a simple, yet clear, “it does”. Traditional media was just beaten by Twitter by a long shot, no? Joking aside, any CrackBerry readers from Japan? Tell us your experiences in the comments!

Source: Twitter