For you gamers out there, and there's plenty of you, the Amazon Appstore has a nice treat as it's free app of the day, today (October 17th). Jack & the Creepy Castle is a jumping, platform style game and after giving it a quick go on my BlackBerry Passport I decided it was well worth sharing with you.

Rather than me go into too much detail you'll see the official trailer above. Give that a watch when you can and all will be revealed. As you will see, it looks good, has plenty of challenges and some nice variation - just what we all like in a game.

Normally priced at just under a dollar it's worth picking this one up today while it's free. I'm sure it will run on the Z series handsets but I've not tried the Q, so if you do please let us know the results?

Features include:

  • Unique Jump'n'Jump gameplay
  • 3D High Definition graphics
  • Creepy enemies
  • 24 challenging levels with countless traps
  • Global online high score list

If you're not running BlackBerry 10.3 and have not used the Amazon Appstore before you can find full instructions below:

Download Jack & the Creepy Castle from Amazon