iVista2  iVista22
BlackBerry Storm Version of iVista 2

iVista for Trackball BlackBerrys
iVista for Trackball BlackBerry Smartphones (Bold shown)

Zack over at TheZMan has pumped out another winner, iVista2! Most of you should remember iVista and how it was the fastest selling theme to grace the ShopCrackBerry.com App Store. The reason the original iVista sold so fast was, to put in Kevin's words, was because "It ROCKS!"

Fans of iVista will not be dissappointed by iVista2. iVista2 is a fast, clean theme that works best for the corporate user on the go but still has an extremely creative approach that will impress the everyday casual user. All the icons are set to the user's liking. So you have 6 customizable icons at the top and 5 at the bottom! One of the features I love about this theme is that the media widget actually works!! I also have become a big fan of when I touch my messages having it displayed before I go into my messages folder. iVista2 can be bought for $6 and over all iVista2 is hands down the best theme I have used on my Storm and well worth every penny!