iVista Theme for BlackBerry

Here ya go theme lovers, this one is SLICK. Z Man Themes, who has already brought the CrackBerry Community a number of cool free themes, has introduced their first Premium BlackBerry Theme, iVista.

The iVista theme is created in the standard icon format, but creativity and attention to detail have given it a truly unique look. As you can tell from the images, the top row of shortcuts are designed to be used in a set order (it took me about 30 seconds after installing the theme to re-arrange the icons to look right - easy peasy) and there are custom icons for everything. The Z Man actually worked with the CrackBerry community to get this theme perfect. There's a reason why Premium Themes are Premium. The overall usability and presentation of this theme is excellent and after having used it for the better part of a day I can honestly say it's one of the best themes I have ever encountered. It sells for $7 and is definitely worth checking out. Way to make a splash Z Man.

Purchase and Download the iVista Theme