We all know that Z Man makes some pretty sweet themes, I know his iVista 2 theme was the first premium theme I ever bought for my Storm, and I absolutely loved it.  Zach fired me an email the other day, letting me know about his newest release, iVista 3, which is new take on the concept.  As always, the skill shines through, giving you an authentic Windows Vista feel, right on your BlackBerry device.  The homescreen is modelled after the Windows desktop, with 4 icons on the right of the screen connecting to apps, Manage Connections, Options, and a dedicated Today screen. Clicking the "Start" button opens a 3 icon user-defined hidden dock, and the folder icon to the right of the button open the "Mail" folder, a custom folder Zach has plugged in to hold all your email inboxes, as well as the standard Messages folder. Custom menus and meters have been skinned to provide that Windows look, and the feel flows throughout the theme.  It runs with zero lag on my 9700, proving that Z Man makes some of the best complex SVGs around. This is also the first ever theme to have its own online self-help, and includes and icon to bring you right to it. Available in the CB store for an even $5 for 480x360 devices running 5.0, as well as the 9000 and 95xx series. Check out more at ivista.thezman.us.

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