BlackBerry Media Sync!

BlackBerry Media Sync has officially been released! No love for Mac users though. Here's the official overview:

Your Music on Your BlackBerry Smartphone. It's That Simple.
Use BlackBerry Media Sync to get your desktop iTunes music files on your BlackBerry smartphone. Whether it's a specific playlist from your collection, or a random mix of tunes, it's incredibly easy to transfer the music you want to take with you.

Music for the gym? A random mix of songs to get you through the day? Whatever you need, it's easier than ever to get it on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Easy to Update
If you make changes to one of your iTunes playlists, the next time you sync your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer, BlackBerry Media Sync will make sure the music on your device is updated too.

All the Memory You Need
Whether you choose the playlists or have download a random selection to your BlackBerry, you can control how much of your music is synced to your BlackBerry smartphone.

And with support for a microSD card for expandable storage, you can get plenty of free memory to store all your music, as well as the other files you want to carry on your BlackBerry smartphone.

For more information and to download, visit