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I know, I know. It seems so wrong. But we're not going to judge or discriminate. Though CrackBerry is obviously a BlackBerry-focused website, we see a LOT of traffic coming to it from iOS and Android devices on a daily basis.

It boils down to a few reasons as far I can tell. One, a lot of BlackBerry users also own another non-BB device (iPad, iPod touch, etc.) and use it to check in on the site. Two, BlackBerry has no doubt lost a lot of people to other mobile platforms over the last couple of years, but many of those people still love checking in on CrackBerry. We don't blame them... this is the best community ever. And three, it seems a lot of people currently on other mobile platforms want to stay on top of what's happening with BlackBerry 10. Clearly a lot of non-current BlackBerry people out there are curious about "The Ten" and are thinking about giving it a try when it hits the market, and I'll be happy to see those people return to BlackBerry!

So for those reasons, I feel less dirty to announce that you can now download CrackBerry Forums apps for both iOS and Android devices. The apps are free of charge, and give you quick access to CrackBerry's forums. So if you prefer an app experience over web experience, you'll want to check them out. But if you do just remember... NO TROLLING!!!

Hit up the links below to get your download on, or just search for "crackberry" in Google Play or Apple's App Store. I have to admit it kind of makes me cringe that on App World I can't use the word "CrackBerry" in the app title but I can with the competition's app stores. Ahh well, it's all good. See ya in the forums!  

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