BlackBerry 10

Yep, so RIM's Co-CEO's Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis just dropped a big bombshell on tonight's RIM Earnings Call that CrackBerry Nation did not want to hear.

The official word is that RIM wants to put a chipset into the USA-bound LTE BlackBerry 10 phones that will not be available until mid-2012. This pushes the rollout of the first BlackBerry 10 phones into the latter part of 2012. Mike Lazaridis followed up with clarification, adding they need this chipset in order to deliver the efficiency and battery life that customers expect from a BlackBerry.

It's a bitter sweet. It's awesome to think about the fact that our next generation of BlackBerry 10 phones will really be cutting edge when they hit the market. It just sucks to think that we're going to have to wait that long....