CrackBerry 10 - Download it now!

It's HERE... version 1 of our long-awaited CrackBerry app for BlackBerry 10! We've dubbed it CrackBerry 10, or CB10 as you'll find it in BlackBerry World. It's FREE. And it is freak'n amazing. If you own a BlackBerry Z10, you'll want to hit up the link at the bottom of this post download it now!

The app was developed in-house by our Mobile Nations CEO and weekend warrier coder, Marcus Adolfsson. Built using Cascades and written for BlackBerry 10, the app is SMOOTH and FAST and follows the BB10 UI guidelines closely. It's a glowing example of how all apps for BlackBerry 10 should be built. 

And we've built a lot into v1. The CrackBerry forums are there and very feature rich. There has never been a faster way to browse and participate in a forum site on a mobile device. The blogs are currently in read-only mode. Once we launch our full CrackBerry website redesign (less than ten days away), we'll be updating the CB10 app for the full blog experience, including our popular free ringtone / wallpaper galleries. ShopCrackBerry mobile is also present in CB10, so you can buy your next Z10 case right from your Z10.

We'll follow up shortly with a full walk-through of CrackBerry 10 in action. In the meantime, if you have a BlackBerry Z10, download it now and spend some time getting to know it. It's a 5 star app, so be sure to rate it and review it as such, and if you come across any bugs or ideas as you use it, be sure to give us your feedback.

Download CrackBerry 10 for your BlackBerry Z10 from BlackBerry World