I absolutely love word games. I don't care if it's a word hunt, crossword puzzles or fill in the blanks. If it's a word game, I'll give it a shot. When Words in Bed came across for review, I immediately jumped at the chance. This is Flathead Games first PlayBook game (hopefully more are on the way) and I think the did an excellent job. Use the falling letters to create as many words as you can. Keep reading to see what else this game has to offer for kids and adults alike!


  • Original mode: With letters constantly falling from the sky, it's your job to make words fast enough to stop them from filling the screen. This is a fast paced mode that will demand the most of your word finding skills. Create long words to earn coins which you can spend on powerups which will either find a word for you or clear a portion of the game board.
  • Word search mode: A word is shown to you and it's your job to find the letters on the board. This is a fast paced mode that will help expand your vocabulary.
  • Kids mode: Words are chosen from limited subset of child appropriate words for you to find. This mode has no end, so take your time, learn new words and practice spelling(or letter recognition for the really little ones).
  • Online multiplayer mode: Take on the world in a mode that gives everyone the same puzzle to solve at the same time. Your goal is to get the most points you can using 36 letters to form words within the time limit. A new game starts every 5 minutes. Challenge your friends on global leaderboards.
  • Daily Challenge: A new puzzle every 24 hours. Compete against your friends and the world on a global leaderboard to see who has the best word making skills.
  • Puzzle mode: Over 40 hand-crafted puzzles to solve, each containing one or more words that follow a certain theme. Will you find the perfect words to maximize your points or just enough to clear the board?

My youngest loves trying to make words in the kid mode but I think the online mode is the most fun. When you have less than 5 minutes to complete the board and both players get the same exact letters it's truly a test of your vocabulary. The PlayBook is the first version out but he will also be rolling out iOS and Android clients for multiplayer games. Download Words in Bed for $1.99 in  BlackBerry App World.

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