Not too long ago, BlackBerry World was invaded by an odd little alien named Agu. Initial reports cannot confirm whether this extraterrestrial being is hostile or not; but they do indicate that he has an extremely poor diet. Sure we've seen plenty of side scrolling runner/flyer games on our BlackBerry 10 smartphones but few are as odd as Agu's Adventure. This game is available on BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows and is also geared to hit PlayStation Vita soon. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about it that is very intriguing and addictive. Perhaps it's the cookies…confused? Read on and I'll explain.

The premise goes like this: Agu the Alien is left stranded on planet Earth after a crash landing. It appears as though he is self-propelled and does not require a spaceship. His fuel, and apparently only source of nourishment, is cookies. He needs to eat enough cookies to escape Earth's gravitational pull and head back to his home planet. Makes sense right? No? Good! According to the developer, Agu is allergic to fruit, deathly allergic, which is too bad as the skies are somehow littered with pieces of floating fruit. Your mission is to navigate Agu through the endless skies; collecting cookies and avoiding fruit. Some fruit also behave like projectiles, flying across the screen right at you….Ah! Flying Banana!!

I'm still trying to wrap ahead around this Agu alien. The way I see how he flies is as follows; Agu eats way too many cookies, he gets an upset stomach and, yadda yadda yadda, bodily functions provide jet propulsion. It's just a hypothesis but Agu, who looks like a mix between Monsters University, Cookie Monster and a Lego brick, can at least put those cookies to good use. The game includes a shop where you can purchase single use powerups a second life, super speed (until you hit fruit), armor (a purple bubble good for one hit), and an Agu blast (clears the fruit).

To add to the challenge of flight and (possible) flatulence, the game gives you challenges to overcome such as flying 150 metres without touching a single cookie (trust me, your waist line and glucose levels will thank you), or collect a specific powerup. The graphics are simple but crisp and bright which adds the fun of the game. Response to touch is great; you can almost feel Agu struggle as he attempts to gain altitude; seriously, grab a rice cake little guy. Overall Agu's Adventure is a great entry into the runner genre of games; and will leave you tooting, I mean, rooting for the eggplant hued alien.

You can grab Agu's Adventure for free from BlackBerry World. It's been running smoothly on my Z10 but it is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Why not give it a go and see "how far you can aguu?"

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