OtterBox 1937 Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold

I received word from OtterBox today that the Defender Case for the BlackBerry Bold will soon be available. I guess there is a silver lining to device release delays (I'm talking to you, AT&T subscribers waiting on the Bold!) after all. Instead of getting a new device and having to wait and wait and wait for cool accessories to be released for it, it's looking like a whack load of 3rd party stuff should be ready for purchase by the time you can actually walk into your local AT&T store and buy a Bold.

In addition to the OtterBox 1937 Defender Series case for the BlackBerry Bold pictured above, they are also working the 1938 Impact Series case, which is more skin-like (no image yet). Stay tuned to and for OtterBox-Bold Goodness!

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