superhero solo

Hey, I kid a bit with the title, but most of us are very serious about device and data security, as evidenced by the plethora of apps and services that aim to help. I've covered a couple in recent weeks, Find My Phone and BuddyGuard Pro, both of which are solid options when it comes to thisparticular area of smartphone ownership, and of course most people are already aware of SmrtGuard and everything they provide. This one happens to be a free service (1 year) that does a lot of the same things, but for a price tag that is significantly lower (read zero). Some of the options available:

  • Remote phone lock / unlock protects your phone and data
  • Phone contact back up / restore allows you to recover vital data
  • Phone locks automatically after an unauthorised SIM card change
  • Device Siren makes the phone a risk to handle
  • Incoming calls allowed to lost or stolen phone when locked
  • Calls to allowed from lost or stolen phone to encourage returns
  • Autolock functions lock phone following unusual usage
  • Inactivity/call pattern/country dialling/roaming locks

As you can see, it stacks up pretty well against the others, my personal favorite feature being the fact you can set a "profile" of suspicious behavior which will cause the device to lock automatically. Available for all devices running 4.2.1 OS and up, you can grab it today from App World and give it a spin for yourself.

  • Download Superhero Solo from BlackBerry App World>>

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