Bell offers up old 8700e modelsSeems as though the folks over at Bell have been busy recently.

Bell is getting rid of their old 8703e stock by giving them away (sort of). For every BlackBerry 8130 or 8830 they sell, they are giving away four 8703e's. Not bad for the business that wants to keep in touch or equip a small sales force in a hurry.

Thankfully Bell is also offering help on the data plan side of things. We all know how expensive plans can be up here in Canada! Users that sign up under the promotion can get 1GB for $100, 30MB for $60, 8MB for $40, or 4MB for $25. It will also be another $20 for each additional user (I'm assuming over and above the new berry and the 4 others given to you... So over and above 5.)

Bell is also busy releasing a Red BlackBerry Pearl. Is this in reponse to Verizon's new pink Berry? I seriously doubt it... The red Pearl is now part of a lineup from Bell that includes navy blue and black.

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