Iterate: Talking CrackBerry 10 Design

If you have never listened to an Iterate podcast before, let episode 42 be your first. The Iterate podcast is focused on mobile design, and this show is all about our newly-launched CrackBerry 10 website and app. Joining hosts Rene Ritchie and Seth Clifford are guests Marcus Adolfsson and David Lundblad from the Mobile Nations team.

Marcus wears a lot of hats around Mobile Nations, including the big one of CEO. He's a CEO that loves to bury his head in code though, deciding to dedicate a month to building the CB10 app from scratch. And build it he did. The CrackBerry 10 app has been getting nothing but 5 star ratings and rave reviews in BlackBerry World. It really is one of the best native-built BB10 apps we have seen to date. Not bad considering it was his first BlackBerry 10 app and he has never coded anything using C++ before. In addition to talking about his experiences in developing the app, he also gives some background on the history of Mobile Nations and talks about some of our other projects.  When Marcus talks, trust me, you want to stop and listen.

In addition to being ridiculously good looking, our Mobile Nations Design Director David Lundblad also knows a thing or two about design (well, he knows way  more than that, but I don't like it go to his head). David oversees the design of everything you see on our Mobile Nations sites and most recently took the project manager role on our massive CrackBerry website redesign. You'll want to listen to David as he discusses the thinking behind the new site design the work still left to be done. 

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. Stop what you're doing and listen now! Hit the audio player above, or download below.

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