We asked the question a while ago if you BlackBerry 10 folk were using the Priority Hub which was introduced with BlackBerry 10.2. It seems that although it is an awesome feature it's not one that most users feel they need. 

As you can see below - 61% of voters chose that that don't need it. For those people I have a theory as to why they don't feel the urge to hit up the Priority Hub. I could of course be totally wrong but I suspect that for many users, including myself, every notification I get on my BlackBerry gets looked at straight away - therefore eliminating the requirement to jump into the Priority Hub. 

Where I do sometimes make use of the Hubs features is when I flag emails. If they are important and may require attention later on - or just need accessing easily, I have the pinch option in the Hub set to bring up all my flagged messages. 

We are of course all different and use our devices to suit our own personal needs. The Priority Hub is a great part of BlackBerry 10 - just not one that each user needs. If you need some more tips and tricks with the Hub check out our Making Priority Hub work for you post. 

How do you use your BlackBerry Hub? Sound off in the comments with your preferences.