BlackBerry 8920?

Geez... I take a vacation for one week and come back to find I have missed out on all sorts of cool stories. While I was gone, James posted some leaked pics of a new BlackBerry device that was originally thought to be part of the long-rumored BlackBerry 9000 series. There was a lot of debate as to whether these images were even real or just fakes (or maybe a prototype that was found in a dumpster outside RIM's headquarters).

As it turns out, the device is real, but it's not a 9000 series phone. According to BGR and some Vodafone slides, the device will be part of the BlackBerry 8xxx series of devices, and also according to BGR, may be coming to Rogers. It's basically what everyone originally thought the BlackBerry 9000 would be. seems that that the device might just have a name. According to Chris at, an anonymous tipster (errm..RIM insider?) has confirmed this device will be called the BlackBerry 8920. Not sure if this will pan out to be true, but I have seen Chris be right before on this kind of tip.

All I know for sure is that's the last time I go on vacation to a country where I can't get BlackBerry data and the only Internet connections available to me are dial-up! :-)

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