Just what you have always wanted, right? Input some funny text and hear either Bush or Obama speak that text to you, who could pass that up? The folks at iSpeech have developed some fun little applications that allow us the countless hours of fun of typing random things, and having them spoken by folks who have run the US. Now you can have that conversation with the president you have always wanted to have, excited?

Update - Downloading the free application will get you only the text input to voice, if you want to use your device microphone to record something to be translated you are have to upgrade for $3.99. This purchase is made in app, and requires you to input your credit card information in, no option to buy a full version through AppWorld.  The registration screen requests a phone number which will allow you to use the SMS functionality but you can scroll to the bottom and select skip if you wish to opt out of that.

Download iSpeech Obama
Download iSpeech Bush