Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. is a BlackBerry UserIndiana Jones aka Harrison Ford is a BlackBerry User!

The Two Big Stars of the Two Biggest Movies in theatres right now are BlackBerry Users! It's good to see that both Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) are currently rocking BlackBerry Curves! I'm sure most of HollyWood will be following in John Mayer's footsteps and switching up to BlackBerry Bolds soon.

We also have a bunch of free Iron Man Wallpapers and Indiana Jones Wallpapers on the site, so if you dig these movies you can easily make your BlackBerry represent!! I still haven't seen Iron Man yet, and Indiana Jones just opened in theatres last night, so I know what I'm up to this weekend! Seen these flicks? Let the CB community know what you thought of them in the comments (just don't give away the plot!).

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