We know already that Gameloft are big fans of BlackBerry 10 and they have been gradually bringing their games over to our new operating system. Recently I saw the Iron Man 3 trailer and got excited about it coming to BlackBerry 10. We reached out to Gameloft and they told us a few games that are confirmed however I managed to misunderstand their reply and posted that Iron Man 3 was on the list. My bad I'm afraid. We're not saying it isn't coming but it may be one of the games that they are still working on.

So the games that are confirmed are Six Guns, Real Soccer 2012 and Modern Combat 4. That's enough to keep me going for a while that's for sure. I apologize for the Iron Man 3 confusion but fingers crossed we will see that in the near future. I'm going to tell myself off in the mirror now!

In addition they are 'in talks' regarding other titles so it looks like gaming on BlackBerry 10 is only going to get better and better. Good times. Thanks Gameloft - we love you!