If you are looking for some free action packed adventure gaming you have come to the right place. We told you recently that Gameloft had released Iron Man 3 on BlackBerry 10 and now I've had the chance to play it I thought it was worth giving a verdict. 

I thinks its fair to say that all games from Gameloft are pretty awesome and Iron Man 3 is no different. The added bonus with this one though is that it's free! 

In this version you take on the role of flying through the skies dodging obstacles and missiles as well as having to destroy bad guys that randomly appear. This is done in one of two ways - you can either just tap the screen where you want to fire a rocket or you also have the option to perform a swipe motion as there is more than often multiple enemy ships to destroy. 

Controlling Iron Man (Tony) is done either with touch controls or by using tilt. The latter of the the two I found to be a lot easier so I'd stick with the tilt option if I were you. 

In each level you'll need to collect red tokens which you can use to upgrade certain items and weapons. Up at the top of the screen next to where you'll see the red ones are also blue crystal looking ones. If you get killed during a mission you can use these to continue as opposed to going back to the start of the level. You can use some in-app purchases to buy goodies if you really want to - or just keep on playing and earn plenty of icons. 

At the start of each level you will be told what you need to achieve - such as destroy 20 enemy drones and travel a certain distance - complete all of these for extra rewards. 

There is also BBM integration within the game so you can invite your buddies to download the game which is always nice to see. In addition you'll be able to view friends scores, both real friends and global scores. 

The graphics and sound effects with Iron Man 3 are fantastic. When it comes to game play that too is amazing but it's a really fast paced game and does require quite a bit of practice to become good. And you'll need ninja like reactions to dodge obstacles. 

If Iron Man 3 was a paid game it would still totally rock, but seeing as its free it's a must have download and will be staying on my device for a very long time. Enjoy. 

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