IQ Mission

If you fancy exercising the old grey matter then you may want to jump into the Amazon Appstore and download IQ Mission which is currently free today. If you're a whizz at board and puzzle games (very much unlike me) this one should keep you well occupied.

If you've recently purchased the BlackBerry Passport, IQ Mission runs perfectly, as I tested it out - although I was terrible at the game! As usual with Android apps, it's fair to say that this one will be fine on the all-touch devices, so if you try it on a Q series BlackBerry 10 handset please sound off in the comments as to whether IQ Mission works.


  • 8 cities: Luxor, Monte Carlo, Antwerp, Rapa Nui, Marrakech, Paris, Beijing, London

  • 8 informants: Hapuseneb, Cesare Ricco, Aaron Goldbaum, Uru Kenu, Mohamed Ben Karim, Colette, Lin Zi, Bob Atkins

  • 8 types of logical games

  • 128 varied levels of difficulty

  • 20 achievements to earn

  • and 1 final game (mission target)

Depending on your location, you may see another app showing as Amazon's free app of the day. If you do please share?

If you've not used the Amazon Appstore before to load Android games you can get full instructions using the following link:

How to download Android apps using the Amazon Appstore