So Apple finally caught up to BlackBerry in some areas with IOS4, adding folders and "multi-tasking" to it's OS. Still, I'll take my BlackBerry any day, nothing else quite compares to the experience. There are those that love the look and feel of the Apple platform, and for them, there are themes like iPlus4. A full set of iPhone icons are included, and every component in the theme has been fully skinned to provide the overall look and feel of the iOS, with the function of a BlackBerry. Three homescreens provide access to 16 user-defined applications, a "mini" screen which shows only the bottom dock of icons, and a dedicated wallpaper view. Round it out with a hidden today, and you have agreat new theme for your BlackBerry device. Available from the CB store, on sale for $3.99 until July 18th.

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