Well that was fun - yesterday Apple dropped the news of two new iPhones that are being released shortly. The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. If you're an Apple lover then they'll make for fun new toys, but if you're more of the #ICHOOSEBLACKBERRY10 type of person (our favorite type of person) you probably don't care all that much. So that means you're here just to find out who won yesterday's contest, right?

Well here's the deal - I said to tell us in the comments what you'd like to win as a prize and if you won, that's what you'd get. And just for fun, I always said you could leave as many comments as you wanted for this contest to increase your chance of winning.  Lo and behold, a bunch of you did just that. So for those that put in a ton of comments - you get an A for effort. You're all crazy awesome.

It turns out the grand prize winner's comment was only asking for a coveted Z10 multimedia dock (of which I happen to have a couple kicking around), so since the value of that is a lot lower than a new phone we're also going to award a bunch of prizes to those of you who put in a lot of multi-comment effort (we know we won't get all of you in here... but we'll get ten of you covered at least).

The grand prize winner who chose to get my Z10 multimedia dock is:

Lee Clark

And we also have TEN winners of $50 ShopCrackBerry gift certificates to these users for their awesome commenting efforts.

Cephas Barlow
Sean Walden1

So that's that! We'll be reaching out to all of you with more details on how to claim your prizes. Thanks to everyone that entered (soooo many comments!) and rest assured we'll be back with more contests and more chances to win awesome prizes very soon.