iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Walkthrough and Review

I know I know... we're a BlackBerry enthusiast website... what are we doing running a blog post with a walk through of Apple iPhone 3.0 software?!

The reason here is two-fold. For one, we've got this blog post category called "Berry-Free Talk" which doesn't get posted in that often... so we gotta put the occasional story in here to justify its ongoing existence. And the second, more important reason, is that I know how much some of you (me included) like to get into smartphone debates with our friends / family / colleagues / significant others / etc. and that one of the most popular topics to argue is that of BlackBerry vs. iPhone. From the stories I read in the CrackBerry forums and hear from readers, I think it's often the BlackBerry user who wins these arguments. And it seems the reason for that isn't just superior smartphone functionality, but because we're well informed to the pros and cons of each platform/device and don't just blindly drink the Kool Aid. Knowledge is power, right?

So in the spirt of continuing education, I think it's important that we all get a good look at what's coming to our favorite frenemy with the rollout of iPhone 3.0 software. The days of making fun of the iPhone's lack of cut and paste are coming to an end, but don't worry, there's still some fun to be had at the Ahh Frak Phone's expense. You can click the image above or follow the link below to jump over to TheiPhoneblog for an in-depth hands-on walkthrough.