iPhone Smash!!! My Christmas Present - iPhone Smash!!!

What did you want for Christmas? A new BlackBerry? Maybe a Wii or some new Xbox games? World peace? Your two front teeth?? All I wanted for Christmas was a picture of me as the Incredible Hulk ripping an iPhone 3G in half!! I figured it would make the perfect desktop wallpaper for myself... a little CrackBerry Kevin goes iPhone Smash! to keep me on my toes for 2009 (maybe RIM employees should adopt the same approach!).

As you can tell from the image above, I got what I wanted. But it didn't come from Santa or even CrackBerry Santa for that matter... it was delivered to me by none other than our sister site TheiPhoneBlog's editor, Rene Ritchie. As you guy's know, the Ahh Frak Phone is my favorite Frenemy as is the BlackBerry to Rene. I make fun of iPhones and he makes fun of BlackBerrys. We have some entertaining conversations to say the least.

And as you might guess, with the launch of the BlackBerry Storm and the slew of not-so-nice reviews that surfaced with its release, I have had to take an earful from Rene over the past month. Up until last week Rene's pokes were all second hand - he had never actually even held a BlackBerry Storm before. But with its introduction into Canada via Bell and Telus, he finally got his hands on the Storm and on Christmas Eve posted up his TiPb vs. Storm Initial Impressions. For the sake of editorial integrity, it's only fair that I point it out to those of you are interested. Enjoy the read and be sure to let Rene know in the comments what you think of his take on the Storm.

ALSO...one last thing... I noticed in a CrackBerry blog post comment yesterday to my Fuze review that someone was wondering where my updated BlackBerry Storm review was. In case you missed it when I first posted, you can find it here. I followed up my monster of a pre-release review with a 90 minute Special Edition BlackBerry Storm CrackBerry Podcast. If you want to hear my thoughts on the Storm (the good, the bad and the ugly) this is probably the most comprehensive review you'll find anywhere. Once my fingers recover from all the Round Robin writing I'll get it summarized into text form, but in the meantime it's already all out there in verbal form for those who want to know my thoughts on it!