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Apple iPhone 5

While we're already aware that 100% of CrackBerry readers don't give a rat's behind about the iPhone 5 based on yesterday's humorous poll, I do know all of you will in fact have an opinion about today's Apple's iPhone 5 announcement.

So while I'm working on a follow up editorial with my thoughts, I figured tossing up a quick post and poll here to see where CrackBerry Nation is weighing in on it wouldn't hurt. Browsing around the interwebz in the iPhone 5 aftermath, it definitely feels like a lot of people out there -- even current iPhone owners -- expected more. Or at least a surprise of some sort. The leaks around the iPhone 5 have been rampant, and as we found out today, accurate. So let us know in the comments.... was it as expected, or did you expect more?

iPhone 5 vs. Competition

If you're not up to speed on all the iPhone 5 details, follow the links below to learn more about it over at our sister site, iMore. They're also holding a contest where you can win an iPhone 5 (note - if you're not a member there be sure to register with the same username if available and email address - we're currently working on a cross site unified login system and that'll aid the process). It's worth entering... if you win it you can sell it and put the money aside for a BlackBerry 10 phone when it hits. ;)

Learn more about the iPhone 5
Enter to win an iPhone 5 (which you can sell and then buy a BB10 phone!)

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