CrackBerry Kevin Goes iPhone 3GS

After a bit of a hiatus, the Smartphone Round Robin is back in full swing. Week #4 has me rock'n the iPhone 3GS. Below you'll find the video of me walking through the device with Rene Ritchie of Most people out there are pretty familiar with what the iPhone is all about so we spend our time talking shop and touching on a variety of points, including the amount of time I have spent on my very own iPhone 3GS. Check it out!

For your chance to win an iPhone 3GS, you can chime in on the forum thread I created over at TiPb. As for BlackBerry in the Round Robin this week, it's in the trusty hands of Phil Nickinson of WMExperts (see Phil's hands-on first impressions). For your chance to win a new BlackBerry, be sure to give him a hand over in our own CrackBerry forums. And for the latest in Round Robin updates and contest details, be sure to visit Enjoy the show!

CrackBerry Goes Apple iPhone 3GS

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