iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update Walk Through

Knowledge is power. That's why from time to time we like to run non-BlackBerry content here on the CrackBerry blogs... so when you're sitting at the bar chatting smartphones you can woo your friends not only with your know-how of BlackBerry, but all things related.

That said, it's a big week for iPhone owners. The iPhone 3G S goes on sale this Friday, and today (rumors suggest 1pm EDT, though it could be anytime), Apple will release its iPhone 3.0 software. This software update fills in a lot of the functionality gaps iPhone owners have faced since its launch. 

Rene over at our sibling site TheiPhoneblog put together a CrackBerry-style walk through of the iPhone 3.0 software (over 7,000 words.. sniff sniff.. I'm soo proud!), which I'd encourage you browse through if you want to stay on top of your smartphone game. Take a peek! And now I'm curious too... anybody reading this thinking about picking up a 3G S when it hits?