iPhone Boasts New Fatures!

The good folks over at out best frenemy site in the world, The iPhoneBlog are all in glory today after Apples big announcement regarding their new 3.0 firmware which of course brought many *new* (see: Features other phones had for years) features to the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch devices. Sadly though, the iPhone (2G) was left out of a lot of that functionality.

One of the things that really peaked my interest about this update was the implementation of Apple's push features, which still does NOT include push Gmail (gahh!!). RIM has taken a lot of flack in the past for their use of the RIM NOC with people presenting the fact that BlackBerry devices rely on it too much and there has been way too many times in which the RIM NOC has failed and left BlackBerry users stranded without services, but still maintains a 99.80% + uptime.

So I have to wonder, since Apple is not laying any claim to expected uptimes but jumped on the chance to point out even SMS is not 100% reliable, will Apple take the same flack when their services for notifications and such go down or will no one really care, since information will still be flowing - you'll just not be notified of its existence such as it is now with the iPhone?