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I haven't historically been a huge lover of using themes on my BlackBerry. In fact I think I have only actually used two or three for extended periods of time before reverting back to the default. That said, I have been using Ion Blue from BBThemes for a couple of months now (in secret and I know that Bla1ze has too), as it is quite beautiful.

As the title of the post suggests there are two versions available: One blue for the boys and one pink for the ladies. Clearly which one you choose isn't the law -- so guys, feel free to grab the pink one if you so desire. Dave at BBThemes has let us know that he has been working hard to port the theme to further devices as it was originally made for the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

See below for more information and some exquisite screen shots.

As you would imagine, the home screen is where the Ion Blue action starts. The banner at the top of the screen has the glorious blue replacing the traditional white and although the clock is smaller the rest of the icons remain where we are used to seeing them.

ion BBThemes

The main menu icons are where things get really interesting. As you can see, many have had a make-over to resemble folder icons on the BlackBerry PlayBook. All the icons are set on a grey background with some crisp Blue lines running horizontally. Pretty!

ion BBThemes

The Blue runs across most of the native applications on the BlackBerry and you will see it pop up where you least expect it, just showing you the time and effort BBThemes have put into this fine piece of art.

ion BBThemes

The same applies for Ion Pink. I put this on my girlfriends Bold 9790 and she loves it!

ion BBThemes ion BBThemes

BBThemes now have the below versions in App World available for download:

Ion Blue for the BlackBerry 9900, 9930, P'9981, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9790
Ion Pink for the BlackBerry 9900, 9930, P'9981, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9790

Go grab them while they are hot!

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