WordWizard WordWizard

Great BlackBerry games are hard to come by. Its no surprise with the lack of screen space and memory that some games just don't play like they should. For this reason I'm always a fan of great puzzle or strategy games that play well on BlackBerry. Sitting at the doctors office, waiting in the car or just hanging out on the couch, they can make for a great time killer. Enter WordWizard. In this game you have to spell as many words as you can before time runs out. To get to the next level, spell one or more words that use all the letters, and get bonus points for guessing the word early. There are over 20,000 words in WordWizard, and multiple levels making it great for both kids and adults. You can get it for just $2.99 until April 5th, and a free-trial is available.

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