SmrtGuard-Free - Get it for FREE

OK CrackBerry Nation, listen up. This is one I'm pretty dang excited about. If you're a reader of you're likely familiar with SmrtGuard by now as we've talked about it a bunch of times since it was still in beta. SmrtGuard, a BES for BIS application so to speak, is known for its "Find my BlackBerry" functionality along with Remote Data Wipe and OTA Data Backup / Restore features. It's definitely one of those must-have apps for BlackBerry BIS customers, but it has always been a must-have app with a price. But there's good news... the folks at SmrtGuard have now rolled out the SmrtGuard-Free version so it's an app we all can now afford.

For the whopping price of $0.00, you get all of these features FREE for LIFE:

  • Find my BlackBerry
  • Remote Data Wipe
  • Remote Listen (Remote Call Fwd) - Yes, you can remote call fwd your BlackBerry to another number in case you left it at home!
  • Add a Loved-one as a tracker (have your loved one get SmrtGuard, and add yourself so you can track each other) -> aka the Valentine's Day gift of trust :)
  • Personal Guardian and SIMCard Guardian

Did I mention you get all of that FOR FREE?! Oh yeah, you also get their secure data back-up and migration (in case you are switching from Android to BlackBerry or vice versa) features for 30 Days, which comes standard in their premium version of SmrtGuard Pro. To get SmrtGuard-Free, just follow the link below and enter your email address to be sent the link. This is one of those apps I really think every BlackBerry user should have installed and running, so be sure to spread the word.

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