A new site made its official Here we are World announcement today, and this one is geared towards the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) and those who are responsible for keeping the BlackBerrys running within businesses and organizations. You can read the announcement for Port3101.org after the jump.

Introducing Port 3101, a new community for the BES Admin by the BES Admin

After spending many years with an active role in the various online BlackBerry communities and forums, we have noticed that most have become diluted with tackling the general subject of 'BlackBerry' with not enough emphasis on the Enterprise customers and administrators.

In lieu of this lack of focus, several well-known veterans within the collective online BlackBerry community have decided to create a new website aimed solely at the BlackBerry Enterprise solution, as well as those like us who hunger for a more technical discussion and a place where we can bounce ideas or simply request help. This new community focuses on the gearheads that make the solution work - the BlackBerry administrators and engineers, the BlackBerry solution architects, and the BlackBerry technical consultants - all in one place with a kickass name that only a geek could love!

After a couple months of being online in a pre-launch capacity, we are very pleased and excited to announce the public launch of Port 3101, where familiar faces and knowledgeable minds will always be guaranteed. We look forward to making this website THE one-stop destination for your BlackBerry server needs.

Congrats on the new site guys! Keep those BlackBerrys running!! And I hope to see many of you at WES 2009 in Orlando this May. You can check out the site at Port3101.org.