I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this and I did need a quick break from the Storm Review I'm working on for y'all to read (it's coming... so have patience and quit sending emails asking when it's getting posted as they're distracting me from writing - I'm not leaving the computer till it's up and done!) so I figured I'd post this up for y'all to read in the meantime. Don't shoot the messenger...

Announcing Pinota, the first adult entertainment network built exclusively for BlackBerry users. We are very excited to announce that starting October 22 through October 31, we are accepting applications for 100 first round BETA testers to test the site in November.

Pinota is the first and only adult entertainment network dedicated exclusively to BlackBerry users. We choose the name Pinota as a nod to classic pin-up girls of the past and now 'Over-The-Air'. Our members will find adult videos, photo galleries and introducing our founders Missy and Maggie's sex blogs.

All first round BETA testers who participate in the site will receive a 1 year exclusive membership entitling the user full access to the video archives, galleries and daily updates. Don't worry if your not selected in the first round of testing. if you signup you still qualify for many free trial accounts and discounts.


Please visit from your blackberry browser to enter your application to become a Pinota BETA tester.

And in case you're thinking that sex and drugs go together, NO... is not involved with this!!! :-) 

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