Be sure to pronounce it PHONES (not fon dot ē ess)

With services like twitter capping messages at 140 characters, a shortened URL is a necessity when it comes to sharing a link to a webpage article via social channels. On CrackBerry to date we've used third party for our link shortening needs, but we've now pulled the trigger on our awesome new URL shortener, and will be using that across all of our Mobile Nations sites going forward.

Vanity URL shorteners are all the rage and we've been brainstorming for a long time now what would we be the best for CrackBerry and our other sites. Google uses, Apple has, BlackBerry uses, etc. We thought about doing a different shortener for each one of our sites, but just couldn't figure out domains that would work well across the board. So we went back to thinking about a URL that could work well for all of our properties, and a few weeks ago it hit us. PHON.ES!

Nobody knows phones better than Mobile Nations. Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation are the authorities and leading communities for each of their respected platforms. So it's fitting that we have literally the best URL shortener in existence for phones. So if you see a link out there in the webosphere starting with, be sure to click it - you'll end up back on one of our sites! Enjoy!!