More addictive than BrickBreaker? That's a bold claim for me to make, but seriously, Nintaii is that awesome! As a judge for the Games category in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge, Nintaii was definitely one of my top picks. And seeing how it was nominated as one of the Dev Challenge finalists, the other judges must have had similar feelings toward the game. Here's the official verbage:

Nintaii is a brain twisting puzzle game of rolling blocks and switches. Be ready to roll your block over the course of this 100 level challenge. Just like most of the greatest puzzle games, Nintaii has a simple concept and yet proves to be very challenging, electrifying and attractive!

The Japanese kanji 'nintai' means patience, perseverance, or endurance.

The objective of the game is to tumble a rectangular block through each stage and deposit it into the square hole at the end. Switches, road blocks and arrows are located in many levels. Switches are activated by having the block stand on it.


  • 100 unique stages designed for mobile devices
  • Can be played by only using the trackball
  • "Fly Over Stage" feature (ALT + Trackball)
  • Special sound effects
  • Hall of Fame
  • Customized theme
  • And much more...
  • Compatible with all BlackBerry resolutions including new Bold

The video above goes through the first few levels of the game and provides a pretty good overview of what Nintaii is all about. The concept is simple, the game play is intuitive and it's seriously addictive and fun (warning: you will spend hours playing it).

Nintaii just became available for sale today! You can download a copy from our Software Store or grab it by visiting from your berry's browser. Nintaii sells for $9.99 and a free trial is available. If you give it a go, be sure to post your reactions in the comments!