The New CrackBerry!

Welcome to the New CrackBerry! Take a few minutes and explore the site - there is a LOT of newness to take in with our "CrackBerry 10" upgrade.

Props and HUGE THANKS go to our design and tech teams. These guys have been running on coffee and literally next to no sleep the past two weeks as we've gone through the final preparations for this massive site re-launch. And this was a MASSIVE re-launch. This is the first time in our 6+ year history that we've performed an update on CrackBerry's article publishing backend, so there was no shortage of legacy baggage to contend with as we moved onto VISOR, our Mobile Nations content platform.

Beyond the new platform powering it all, the site has a new format and a brilliant new look. For the in-depth overview, be sure to read CrackBerry 10 Explained by the Design Team. I've been using the new site for several weeks side by side with the old site and there is no comparison to be made - the new CrackBerry beats it in every way. In addition to the amazing new desktop experience, we've also beefed up our mobile site ( and also added a new optional view for tablets (

And the best part? We're not done yet. We reached a point in our development road map where we had to go through the process of migrating onto the new platform. Now that we're on VISOR, you'll see us continue to tweak the site and roll out even more new features over the weeks and months ahead. Before we get to that though, first we have to work through any post-relaunch gremlins and bugs. There are sure to be some. We'll be tackling them like crazy, but if you come across anything that appears out of whack and may not be on our radar, please report it here.

Let's keep this short for now. Go play and explore. The new era of CrackBerry is here. Enjoy!!

Read CrackBerry 10 Explained by the Design Team