It was nearly a year ago, leading up to the availability of the BlackBerry Storm, that we held our now-epic What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest. This October around, we're approaching the launch of two highly-anticipated devices in the BlackBerry Storm 9550/9520 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and in true CrackBerry fashion have cooked up a new video contest that will give you the chance to get your hands on one of these awesome devices and some other great prizes for FREE. Introducing the I LOVE MY CRACKBERRY Video Contest!

Contest Overview: You'll want to visit for the details, but the premise on this one is simple - make a video showing us that you love your BlackBerry! We want you to get creative: sing a song, make a commercial or do something zany to prove to us and all the CrackBerry readers and smartphone owners out there just how much you love your BlackBerry. You'll have until Sunday, Midnight on October 18th to get your video entry submitted. From there we'll make all of the entries viewable on the contest site, and our judging panel is going to narrow down the entries to ten finalists. We'll run the finalist videos on the blogs and let the community vote for their favorite!

What You Can Win: We've really upped the ante on this one. In honor of the recent release of BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, our grand prize winner is going to win an Apple Macbook, their choice of the new BlackBerry Storm or Bold 9700, and one of our favorite accessories, the Schlage LiNK home automation system. The first runner-up will also win their choice of Storm 9550/9520 or Bold 9700, and we're lining up a bunch of prizes for our other finalists and contestants (if you're reading this and want to get involved as a sponsor, send us an email to contest @ Heck, just today SmrtGuard told us they'll give a free one-year subscription to any of the entries that make them laugh! All in all, AWESOME PRIZES.

LET'S GET IT STARTED: That's it! We want to see some awesome videos get submitted, and I know the our CrackBerry readers are the best out there. Get your creative juices flowing and hit record! In just a couple weeks you'll be CrackBerry famous. Now this is gonna be fun.