CrackBerry App Gallery!

In our ongoing mission to help users get the most out of their BlackBerry ownership experience, today I'm super excited to introduce the *beta* of our new Editors' Choice App Gallery for BlackBerry 10 apps.

With BlackBerry World filling up with BB10 apps, we wanted to develop a way to cut through the noise and save users time in discovering the absolute must-have apps for their BlackBerry 10 phone. Hence, the Editors' Choice App Gallery was born. 

Every single app that appears in the gallery has been vetted and recommended by at least one editor on the CrackBerry editorial team, and is considered an Editors' Choice app. For developers, this means simply making it into the gallery is a big deal - every app in the App Gallery is worth a download if it appeals to you.

Every single app that appears in the gallery has been vetted and recommended by at least one editor on the CrackBerry editorial team

As you click through the apps and games in the gallery, you'll note many apps have recommendations by multiple editors on the team. Members of CrackBerry can also recommend apps within the gallery, pushing them further up the leader boards for easier discovery. And apps that we consider to be the absolute best of the best of the best (yes, you read that right), will receive a special badge for being considered a CrackBerry All-Star app. The All-Star badge is reserved for apps that we feel have truly pushed the limits and deliver an amazing user experience.

CrackBerry Editors' Choice App Gallery Features

  • Viewable on desktop and mobile web browser at and via CB10 app (app update coming later this week featuring the gallery)
  • Browse by App Category
  • Browse by Editor (See all of Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze, etc.'s recommended apps)
  • Browse by Free apps
  • Sort app results by most recommended or alphabetical order
  • All apps feature originally written descriptions along with key app data 
  • App pages feature CrackBerry videos and links to related articles when available

And more features are coming soon, including the ability filter apps by device compatibility. Also, we are not going to let the Editors' Choice App Gallery become bloated. Once the gallery reaches approximately 200 apps, we'll be archiving previous app recommendations in favor of newer, even better choices. The goal of the Editors' Choice App Gallery is to be useful, and that means keep it to only the best of the best. Always.

Reporting Feedback

As a new feature on the site, we're keeping the *beta* tag on this one for now as we're sure you'll come across some bugs as you put it use. If you do, please report them on this forum thread. We'll work quick to address any bugs, and if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to share them on the thread. We're building this for you!

For Developers

For apps that make it into the CrackBerry Editors' Choice Gallery, we will be making the graphics for Editors' Choice and All-Star badges available to you. It's an accolade you'll want to share on your site! We'll follow up soon with more details on this, so stay tuned.

That's it, Get your Download on!

Take me to the Editors' Choice App Gallery!